Wholesale company Konik Ltd since 2003

Компания Коник

Konik Ltd is an exclusive distributor of Europe's and world's leading toy brands on the territory of the Russian Federation (also on the territory of CIS countries, namely Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan for some brands).

Konik Ltd cooperates with world-class suppliers that produce the highest quality products.

Our central warehouse in Moscow contains more than 5000 SKUs of different toy goods to date and our assortment is constantly expanding.

Over the years of its operation, Konik Ltd has proven itself to be a trustworthy and reliable wholesaler. At the moment our products are delivered to all regions of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Company's structure

The company's structure consists of offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg as well as a state-of-the-art warehouse complex located in Moscow. Sales representatives work in Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, the Far East, Kazakhstan and Belarus. 


Territorial coverage:

The products of Konik's partners are offered in more than 120 cities of the Russian Federation, in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus.

Konik's advantages:

- Maintaining a constant stock reserve for whole assortment of brands presented
- Novelties arrive at Konik's warehouse immediately after being released by manufacturer
- Conveniently located warehouse logistics center
- Flexible discount system and personal approach to each customer
- Skilled staff  ready to assist you through making the order process, as well as to consult you with any questions
- Fast order packing and prompt delivery to any region of the Russian Federation
- Providing merchandising service in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg
- Long-lasting and strategic business relations with all our Partners

Our assortment:

- Educational toys and games made of wood or plastic
- Wooden toys
- Board games
- Puzzles, kaleidoscopes, toy guns
- Animal figurines, people figurines, fairy figurines and accessories for them
- Vehicle model toys and other technical equipment models
- Impulse products
- Dolls and doll houses
- Action and outdoor games
- Creativity games sets
- Children’s jewellery
- Interactive and wind-up toys and much more

Contact us

Konik Ltd is an exclusive distributor of the following brands:

Schleich http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/a8e/71_71_0/schleich_logo.jpg Schleich
Djeco http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/de1/71_71_0/djeco_logo.jpg Djeco
VTECH http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/3dc/71_71_0/logo.jpg VTECH
Trunki http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/1f8/71_71_0/trunki_logo.jpg Trunki
Plan Toys http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/07a/71_71_0/plantoys_logo.jpg Plan Toys
SentoSphere http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/6fd/71_71_0/logo-sentosphere-cvd-bleu-ovale-blanc-2014-copy-copy.jpg SentoSphere
Siku http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/b73/71_71_0/siku_logo.jpg Siku
YVolution http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/0ee/71_71_0/untitled_6.jpg YVolution
Larsen http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/167/71_71_0/larsen_logo.jpg Larsen
Kaloo http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/648/71_71_0/kaloo_logo.jpg Kaloo
Gotz http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/496/71_71_0/gotz_logo.jpg Gotz
Italtrike http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/a6a/71_71_0/italtrayk-logotip.jpg Italtrike
RAINBOW LOOM http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/575/71_71_0/rainbow_loom_logo.jpg RAINBOW LOOM
People http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/aa3/71_71_0/people_logo.jpg People
Crocodile Creek http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/a20/71_71_0/ccc.jpg Crocodile Creek
Geoworld http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/872/71_71_0/logo1.jpg Geoworld
ZINC http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/1c1/71_71_0/official_zinc_logo.jpg ZINC
Egmont Toys http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/944/71_71_0/egmont_logo.jpg Egmont Toys
Gowi http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/de8/71_71_0/gowi-logo.jpg Gowi
Spielstabil http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/d02/71_71_0/spielstabil_logo.jpg Spielstabil
GENII CREATION http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/417/71_71_0/genii_logo.jpg GENII CREATION
Hold Enterprise http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/8d1/71_71_0/logo-ankl.jpg Hold Enterprise
TURNOWSKY http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/1b9/71_71_0/logo_med.jpg TURNOWSKY
PUTTY Peeps http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/a49/71_71_0/logo.jpg PUTTY Peeps
Gemini http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/135/71_71_0/13579792f90913bb0b6b9d9dd7804e07.png Gemini
Moulin Roty http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/fcd/71_71_0/moulin_roty_logo1.jpg Moulin Roty
ROOMMATES http://www.konik.ru/upload/resize_cache/iblock/df6/71_71_0/roommates.jpg ROOMMATES

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